My Work


-My own site, obviously (html/css)

-Approaching Nirvana DotA 2 Team site (html/css)

-Highland Sailing, Wordpress as requested by the client, still in progress (Wordpress)

-Site for the kids program of The Ski School, called "Snowlimit", Wordpress as requested by the client,  still very much in progress (Wordpress)

-Helped with a site for a friend, the creator of popular Minecraft mods Extrabees and Extratrees (html/css)


-Lots of experience with BASH and BAT, with both Linux and Windows Command Line
-Host a VPS, mainly for private use, but can also host things on request for friends.
-Have hosted or am currently hosting:
     -My Web server
     -Midokite Network Minecraft Fan server
     -Team Fortress 2 server for A>N Steam event
     -Cubeworld, Minecraft, CS:GO, and many       other dedicated servers for personal use
     -My own Email client using Roundcube
     -Personal Owncloud server
     -IRC Bot
     -Skype/IRC Bridge

-But, most importantly, I have a Raspberry Pi! xD


-Have built my own PC, specs here
-Built my dad's PC, and also a couple of friends
-Fix computer/Tech problems for friends, family and colleagues
-Have Jailbroken many iPhones for people. (I do not have one myself)
-Rooted and ROMmed my Android Phone, a HTC One, and majorly customised it

If you have anything you think I'd be able to do for you, or help you with, please do not hesitate to email me at about anything. Email me here rather than at my main email, as it's more likely I'd see it!